A Better Way to Do Social Marketing

Word of mouth referrals are among the most important ways that small businesses gain customers and make more money.

And with the power of social media to connect people, word of mouth referrals have the potential to work at a scale much larger than ever before.

The problem is that until now, nobody has figured out how to make this enormous potential work for small businesses.

RelyCircle is the first social media community specifically designed to drive traffic and revenue to small businesses through word of mouth referrals, and reward the customers when their referrals turn into new sales for your business.

This unique referral system makes RelyCircle the only platform to offer a Zero up-front cost marketing system for small businesses.

Read on to find out how else RelyCircle differs from other social media communities, and why it’s so much better for small businesses and their customers.

Recommendations, not reviews.

RelyCircle ditches the traditional review/rating system for recommendations.

Review sites are notoriously unreliable and often misleading, and unfortunately fake reviews are a real problem on many of these sites. On top of this, customers give more weight to negative reviews than positive ones when making a purchase decision, so the negative effect on businesses is compounded.

RelyCircle’s recommendation system ensures that only verified customers can make recommendations for businesses they’ve actually purchased from.

Customers on RelyCircle See Recommendations From Their Circle First

Word-of-mouth referrals from friends and family have the biggest impact on consumers’ buying decisions. So when a user searches for businesses on RelyCircle, recommendations made by people in their circle show up first, before recommendations from those outside their circle.

Which means that every recommendation your business receives will show up in front of the people most likely to follow up on it and become your new customers.

No Upfront Costs

RelyCircle is the only social platform where you can market your business to potential customers without paying a penny upfront.

It’s totally free to register and list your business, and RelyCircle even advertises for you at no cost. The only time you pay is when a customer who was referred to you on RelyCircle buys something from your business, at which point you pay the referral fee that YOU set.

Compare that to other social media platforms where you have to pay to advertise your business whether it brings you any results or not, and the advantage is obvious.

Referred Customers are the Best Customers

Research demonstrates that referred customers are better because:

  • They are more loyal.
  • They spend more, both in the short and long term.
  • They are far more likely to refer other customers.

So with RelyCircle, you’re not only getting more customers, you’re getting more of the best kinds of customers for your business.

Free Leads Through Direct In-App Messaging

RelyCircle allows customers to contact you directly through the mobile app to ask questions, estimates or get quotes. This means more customer contact and more leads for your business.

Free Email and Text Marketing Tool ($150/month value)

Get free access to our email and text marketing tool. Invite customers to write recommendations for your business, offer quotes and estimates, and answer questions anytime, right from the app. This tool, which you’ll get free access to for life, would normally cost $150/month as a software subscription.

Reward Money Stays Inside RelyCircle

RelyCircle rewards are redeemable with other RelyCircle businesses. So, by being a part of the community, you get the chance to benefit when customers look for places to spend their rewards.