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Answers to Common Questions about How RelyCircle Works

RelyCircle is a free social sharing platform that creates value for both the consumers and the businesses that use it. RelyCircle is neither an “affiliate” program site nor is it a “review site.”

RelyCircle is all about providing a way for people to share recommendations about businesses they love with the people that they know AND for those businesses to thank them for the referrals.

Businesses can not pay to get listed on RelyCircle, nor do they ever pay for advertising space. The only way that a business appears in our searches is when it has been recommended by one of their clients or customers. When a business makes a sale because of the information you shared, you get Rewarded!

General Questions

RelyCircle is 100% free to join and use and always will be. As a registered business you will also gain access to our always free e-mail and text marketing tools.

Please click on the Home Page and refer to the How It Works section.

Recommendations are positive sentiments that communicates trust, authenticity & and serve as social proof that your business provides good service. The recommendations replace the traditional number-rating review system, a change we believe is better for both businesses and customers.

Use our always free custom e-mail and text tools to invite your customers asking them to share recommendation of your business. Your customers are the best advocates of your business and can help you reach the right prospects, establish credibility and grow your customer base.

You will only pay the referral fee when one of the promotions you listed is redeemed & turns into a sale for your business. This is when we will bill you the referral fee you approved for each promotion.

Referral fees you pay go towards Customer Rewards ( 50% or more), Cost of managing and promoting registered businesses and the platform (about 30% or more) and the balance is used towards other expenses and profits.

RelyCircle is not a review site or a site where businesses can pay to have a listing nor a dump of business data. Businesses need to register on RelyCircle to appear on our platform.

When you register your business on RelyCircle you will gain access to your business account that will display a live dashboard to track all the activities including your promotions and sales.

RelyCircle is about people searching for recommended businesses in their local area. We display all your business information in detail and with our always free One-Click-Messaging service, prospective customers can e-mail or text you directly to ask questions or request a quote. This service and the leads are always free when you list your business on RelyCircle.

We bill you on the referral fees you have approved on the 1st day of the Month and payments are due immediately. If there is a credit by means of reward payments made by users we will send you the payment by the 3rd business day of the following month. Contact support@relycircle for direct deposits.

Yes! Every time you run a referral promotion you will have the option to enter an expiration date and you can always delete the promotion at any time. There is no obligation or contract to list your promotions.

Customers can send their referral cash to your account prior to making purchase from you. When they do so, you immediately get notified that the money is transferred to your RelyCircle account and the payment is on its way.

You can download the "RelyCircle Business" app on the IOS or Google Play store to enroll. If you prefer to be contacted by one of our associates please send an email to support@relycircle.com

Your promotions are only displayed when your business listing has 1 or more recommendations. When a customer recommends your business he/she also gets linked to the promotions that are viewed by others and becomes eligible for the referral fee when you gain sales via those promotions.

No. We do not have any advertising feature that you can pay for.

RelyCircle requires you to only invite your existing customers to post and share recommendations of your business. RelyCircle’s recommendation system ensures that only invited & verified customers can post recommendations for businesses they’ve actually purchased from.

Reward Questions

A fair referral fee is what you consider your average selling cost, the amount you normally budget for marketing and advertising. So when you list a promotion on RelyCircle, think of how much revenue that promotion will bring in for you when it is redeemed. And how much would you have paid towards marketing, sales commissions, advertising etc to achieve that sale.

No. The referral fee can be different for each promotion.

Customer get rewarded the referral fee in the form of Cash Rewards. This means that they can spend those referral Cash Rewards on any business listed on RelyCircle including your business.

Customers can use their cash rewards towards their purchase with any business listed on RelyCircle. They can directly send payments to any business from the RelyCircle app. When they do so, you will get a confirmation notification of the payment and you will also see that as a credit under your RelyCircle business account Monthly summary.

Highly regulated industries often have state or national laws or license rules that do not permit referral fees. Legal professionals, real estate, and financial services, are the ones to be the most careful with. Check with your own state and or organization to be sure.

It is best to consult your CPA in this matter. One consideration for the tax element is that if it’s a previous customer who is referring you business; the amount you pay to the referrer can be considered a “refund or a discount”. Very much like one of those “manufacturer mail in rebates”