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Answers to Common Questions about How RelyCircle Works

RelyCircle is a free social sharing platform that creates value for both the consumers and the businesses that use it. RelyCircle is neither an “affiliate” program site nor is it a “review site.”

RelyCircle is all about providing a way for people to share recommendations about businesses they love with the people that they know AND for those businesses to thank them for the referrals.

Businesses can not pay to get listed on RelyCircle, nor do they ever pay for advertising space. The only way that a business appears in our searches is when it has been recommended by one of their clients or customers. When a business makes a sale because of the information you shared, you get Rewarded!

General Questions

Yes, RelyCircle is completely free to join. We will also create your Business information page for free.

When you register with RelyCircle, you can access some great tools to connect with your satisfied customers and ask them to post their recommendation of your business and also earn rewards when a recommendation of theirs leads to a new sale for you—all for free. First you get a set of free business labels that you can affix on your receipts/invoices; each of which will include your business information and a one-time usable unique scan code. Second you get free e-mail and text invite tool that you can use to e-mail or text your customers. By entering or scanning the recommendation code, your customers will be able to share their recommendation with their circle of friends and family and on social media.

Upon joining; you can list your products or services on RelyCircle and can add a Coupon, Special offer or choose to sell Gift Certificates. Our (Patent pending) system tracks all recommendations, captures any purchases that are made and rewards the recommenders. How much does the program cost? There is no cost or fixed fee for the program itself. You decide the referral fee you would like to pay on each promotion. The charges are applied after sales are final and after your advertised coupons/promotions are redeemed at your business and you make a new sale. Please fill our Getting Started form and someone will get in touch with you.

There are 2 steps here. First, use the RelyCircle free social advertising tool to gain customer recommendations/positive (only) reviews. Second, work with one of our associates to add referral promotions on RelyCircle that will be linked to each of your customer recommendations; each of whom is rewarded when their referrals result in sales. Its that simple. In the process, RelyCircle replaces pay-per-click with a much more attractive concept of PAY-PER-SALE! So instead of paying for people to just visit your site from keyword searches, or call leads you are paying AFTER sales are made from customer referrals.

RelyCircle is not a review site or a site where businesses can pay to have a listing nor a dump of business data. This means that you will only see businesses that have been recommended by 1 or more user of the RelyCircle network.

Upon joining you will have access to your business account that will display a live dashboard. You can review the daily activity and purchase summary. After the end of the month you can review your Monthly Statement which is automatically derived based on your Monthly activity.

We bill you and pay you on a Monthly basis. Any fees are automatically deducted from the revenues and the detailed live summary and Monthly statement is available 24/7 in your account dashboard. For heavy volume customers we can make arrangements for more frequet payments and billing.

Yes! Every time you run a promotion you will have the option to limit your promotions by the number and date or both.

Provide us with basic information on our Getting Started form. We will then contact you within a few days to set up a mutually convenient time to provide you details, answer any questions and register your business for free.

No. We do not have any advertising feature that you can pay for. Business listing will appear by customer recommendation only.

Reward Questions

Rewards are based on the portion of sales you allocate towards the platform. RelyCircle transfers most of this allocation after paying for fees (credit card fees, transaction security related fees) and a small profit. Every Dollar you allocate is a 100 Points purchase value.

We transfer a minimum of 75% (After any 3rd party fees like Credit Card processing if applicable) of the amount charged to you; back to your own customers responsible for the revenue generated; so they can earn the maximum rewards and spend those back on registered business’s like yours. This applies to each and every transaction on RelyCircle.

No, there is no expiration date for rewards points. You can use them little by little, or let them build up to save for a bigger purchase.