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Answers to Common Questions about How RelyCircle Works

RelyCircle is a free social sharing platform that creates value for both the consumers and the businesses that use it. RelyCircle is neither an “affiliate” program site nor is it a “review site.”

RelyCircle is all about providing a way for people to share recommendations about businesses they love with the people that they know AND for those businesses to thank them for the referrals.

Businesses can not pay to get listed on RelyCircle, nor do they ever pay for advertising space. The only way that a business appears in our searches is when it has been recommended by one of their clients or customers. When a business makes a sale because of the information you shared, you get Rewarded!

General Questions

Yes, RelyCircle is 100% free to join and use. No credit card required. As a registered business you will also gain access to our free (Always) e-mail and text Invite tool.

Click on the Home Page and refer to the How It Works section.

RelyCircle is not a review site or a site where businesses can pay to have a listing nor a dump of business data. Businesses need to register on RelyCircle to appear on our platform.

When you register your business on RelyCircle you will gain access to your business account that will display a live dashboard to track all the activities including your promotions and sales.

We bill you and pay you on a Monthly basis. Payments are due and made by the 3rd business day of the following month.

Yes! Every time you run a promotion you will have the option to limit your promotions by the number and date or both.

You can download the "RelyCircle Business" app on the IOS or Google Play store to enroll. If you prefer to be contacted by one of our associates please send an email to support@relycircle.com

No. We do not have any advertising feature that you can pay for. Business listing will appear by customer search criteria and distance only.

Reward Questions

A fair referral fee is what you consider your average selling cost that may include sales commissions, advertising, promotional materials. So when you list a promotion on RelyCircle, think of how much revenue that promotion will bring in for you when it is redeemed. And how much would you have paid towards sales commissions, advertising etc to achieve that sale.

The referral fee you pay goes towards Customer Rewards (Minimum 50%), Cost of managing and promoting registered businesses (about 35%) and the balance goes towards system maintenance , employee cost and company profits.

Customers get rewarded by points that have equivalent cash value. So if the customer referral fee allocated on a promotion is $100 they will get 10,000 points that can be redeemed for any product or service worth $100.