Fight Against Bad Online Reviews With Rely CircleEvery marketing professional has seen it happen to one of their clients: A negative review appears on Yelp, Facebook, or other social media platform and instantly damages their brand. Then you are sent into overdrive trying to figure out how it happened and what to do for damage control. The worst part about it is that most of these negative reviews come from unverified customers because anyone can post a review. Fortunately, you have options to manage your client’s brand reputation.

RelyCircle Can Help

RelyCircle harnesses the power of positive word of mouth by rewarding your customers when their referrals on their social network turn into new sales for your business. With its unique process and free tools that small-businesses can use, RelyCircle is the world’s first rewards-based referral marketing social network that gets businesses more customers by tracking and incentivizing successful referrals. It is also the only social platform that works on a Pay-per-sale or PPS model; which means you only pay a small fee if you gain new customers via RelyCircle. Its a Win-Win.


How To Get Started Doing Damage Control

As Small-Business owners you no longer need to pay for reputation management e-mail or text marketing tools. With a 100% free listing on RelyCircle, business owners get free access to e-mail and text invite tool that they can use to send referral links to their customers and connections. Business owners can setup free referral promotions to entice new customers and the referral fee acts as an incentive for existing customers/connections to post and share their recommendations of your business. When new customers come with the promotion to your business you simply approve the referral fee by scanning the promotion with the free to use RelyCircle Business app. This is when RelyCircle will bill you the referral fee you allocated on the individual promotion; which is only after you have made a new sale. Its a Win-Win.

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