A new study reveals that you don’t need a big company advertising budget to drive sales—face-to-face word of mouth among friends and family drive more purchases than any other purchase influence. It’s an insight of vital importance to every small business owner.

Just how important are personal recommendations?  They are the #1 driver of consumer purchase decisions at every stage of the purchase cycle, across multiple product categories.

What are you doing to make sure your customers feel confident enough in your business to recommend it? What are you doing to trigger word-of-mouth?

RelyCircle – A Social Selling App specifically built for small-business owners can help.

RelyCircle is the world’s first rewards based Social referral marketing network that gets businesses more customers by tracking & incentivizing successful referral sales. RelyCircle harnesses the power of positive word of mouth by rewarding your customers when their referrals on our social network turn into new sales for your business.

RelyCircle helps your small-business by providing a free (always) e-mail and text marketing tool and free leads directly to your e-mail or phone.
 Click Here to learn more & Download the RelyCircle Business App for free.


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