As a marketer, your job is to present your clients with unique opportunities to expand their brand recognition and increase their market share through digital marketing. Consistently coming up with new and innovative ways to help your clients can be a challenge. However, when you partner with RelyCircle you can provide your clients with a brand new social marketing strategy that relies on the oldest marketing technique on the book.

What Is RelyCircle?

RelyCircle is the world’s first rewards-based referral marketing social network that gets businesses more customers by tracking and incentivizing successful referrals.

You simply set up your clients with a RelyCircle account and help them list referral promotions on RelyCircle. You then earn a commission on every referral transactions that takes place and will receive 50% of net revenues on every client you sign-up. Click here to view a short presentation on how RelyCircle can help you earn $80-200K each year working part or full-time.

Offering RelyCircle To Your Clients

There are several benefits your clients will get from joining RelyCircle, so when pitching them the strategy make sure to include the following benefits:

  • No Upfront Fees: Your clients will only pay for the services once a deal has closed.
  • Expand Brand Recognition: The more social media shares, the more people will be introduced to your brand.
  • Build Brand Trust: Customers feel more confident buying products and services from a company recommended by someone they know and trust. This trust transfers directly to your brand during a referral.
  • Identify High Quality Leads: The customers referred to your client’s RelyCircle business page are definitely interested in your client’s products and services so they are easy leads to convert to sales.
  • Increase Sales: Customers are four times more likely to try a service or buy a product when referred by a friend. RelyCircle uses social selling to promote a business, increasing sales.
  • Rewards Loyal Customers: RelyCircle also rewards your most loyal customers for helping you grow your business through social commerce.

The Best Way To Help Your Clients

The easiest way to offer RelyCircle’s services to your clients is by becoming a Sales Partner. As a sales partner you will have all the tools you need to help your clients access the great benefits of RelyCircle. The best part of becoming a sales partner is not only will you earn your normal marketing services fee by helping grow your client’s business, but you will also get a commission from each transaction. To learn more about how you can help your clients by becoming a Sales Partner with RelyCircle, contact us today!


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