Save Money On Marketing Expenses With Rely CircleAs a small business owner, you don’t have the same marketing budget as some of your larger competitors. So you have to make sure that every penny you spend counts. You are constantly looking for unique and innovative ways to build your business with little to no investment but a big return on investment. A great solution is through RelyCircle. With no upfront costs and a tailored approach for your unique market, RelyCircle can help your small business get the most bang for your buck.

The Problems With Online Marketing

Everyone knows that traditional marketing methods like print and television ads cost big money. So many small business have turned to the lower cost options available online. Unfortunately, since everyone has turned to online marketing, it can be a real challenge to get a foothold in the market. Not to mention, half the number of online ad clicks are by mistake, says a Silicon Valley veteran. So between trying to figure out SEO and content management, to developing social media campaigns, to the damage paid ads on Facebook and Google can do to the legitimacy of your brand, online marketing is not always the best solution for small business owners.

The Intrinsic Value Of Customer Referrals

The reality is there is no better way to build your brand than through customer referrals. This was true prior to the option of online marketing and it is still true today. Customer referrals give you instant brand trust and make it easy to close larger sales. In fact, according to a study conducted by Nielsen, 92% of customers trusted referrals from their network, while only 32% trusted online ads. So rather than focusing all of your marketing efforts on costly marketing efforts, you should focus more on getting customer referrals.

How RelyCircle Can Help Build Referrals Cost-Effectively

RelyCircle is a program that incentivizes referrals. It’s free to use and can help build your customer base quickly. When you have a satisfied customer, you simply give them a referral card with your customer QR code provided (for free) by RelyCircle. They can either scan that code into the app or input the code directly into our website. There they will find a series of rewards from you for referring your business to their friends and family on their social media account. The best part is you only pay for the services at RelyCircle if you close a sale from a referral. You allocate a referral fee to each of your offerings (Products/Services) that includes the RelyCircle platform fee and only pay the fee if you make a sale. RelyCircle offers a great low-cost option to build your brand.

If you’d like to learn more about how RelyCircle works or how to sign up your small business for a free account, check out our website. RelyCircle offers an innovative program to help keep your marketing costs low while building the best possible brand recognition through our referrals program. Contact us today to get started!


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