When you are a mechanic with a small local shop, you rely mostly on referrals to get new customers. However, when your specialty lies under the hood and not in a marketing strategy meeting, it can be hard to attract new clients. Luckily, RelyCircle can help. Our network was specifically designed to help small independent business owners like you find new customers and reward their most loyal customers.

RelyCircle Can Help You Build A Trustworthy Reputation

Sadly, auto mechanics have a bad reputation because the costs of repair can be high. Also, most people do not know enough about car repair to ensure they are getting a good deal or that you did a good job. So it is crucial as a mechanic that you build a strong reputation that you are trustworthy. More than that, you need prospective clients to hear about your reputation. You may offer the best service and pricing in your local area, but if people do not know about your high quality, trustworthy service, then it doesn’t help grow your business. That is where RelyCircle can help you.

How RelyCircle Can Help Grow Your Auto Repair Business

RelyCircle is a great option for auto mechanics to help you promote your good reputation. Basically, RelyCircle is a social network where customers can refer people to your services for rewards. Basically, when you have a satisfied customer, you give them your referral codes. They log into the network, give you a review and if anyone they refer uses your services they are rewarded with coupons, discounts, or other rewards. The best part is not only does RelyCircle’s referral incentive program help you get new customers, it also lets you reward your most loyal customers to helping build trust for your shop.

          How RelyCircle Works

RelyCircle has eliminated the #1 concern of independent auto repair shops. That is building a strong reputation to get new clients. Using our patent-pending social referral rewards program your repair shops advertisements/promotions can be clicked a million times, but you only pay a customer referral fee when you make a sale. Not only does RelyCircle help build your reputation, it also means you get free advertising and even free leads. So if you are looking for a smart strategy to build your reputation and grow your auto repair business,

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