Choosing a hairstylist is one of the most personal decision anyone can make. People are trusting you to listen to what they want, communicate what’s possible, and help them feel and look great.

As all hair stylists know, the most reliable way to fill your chair is through personal recommendations. However, if you are just starting out, in a really competitive area or a small town, it is hard to grow your referral network. Building your network doesn’t have to be a challenge though with the help of RelyCircle. RelyCircle incentivizes referrals so that you can get more clients and build a strong reputation.

Building A Solid Reputation In The Hair Styling Industry When you first start out as a hair stylist, your clients will be mainly friends and family. Their referrals can only go so far depending on their netwo

You may find that going out and networking helps but to really build your reputation as a great stylist requires a smart business strategy.

How RelyCircle Can Help You Grow Your Client Base

Marketing yourself can be tough as a stylist because your specialty is doing hair and you may have no experience in sales or advertising strategies. Luckily, becoming a RelyCircle member does not require a specialized expertise but can really help you grow your business.

RelyCircle harnesses the power of positive word of mouth by rewarding your customers when their referrals on our social network turn into new sales for your business. Prospective clients see those referrals and then trust that you will do a great job.

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