Selling is the best job in the world. We solve problems for our clients, become instrumental in their success, expand their thinking, and build amazing, lasting relationships. No other job gives us the opportunity to truly connect with people and to plug into the pulse of businesses.

Picture a sales world where you only meet with customers who want to meet with you—a world in which you never again have to cold call, send cold prospecting emails. Enter the world of referral selling and blow your quota out of the water.

It’s a fact: People would rather do business with people they know–or know of–than with strangers. When you’re introduced to a prospect through a personal recommendation, that prospect has a vastly higher comfort level than, say, a buyer you find through cold calling. After all, few things are more reassuring than a positive endorsement from someone you know and trust.

So why is it that, while we all covet referrals, we don’t pursue them as much as we should? I think it’s largely a matter of developing good habits and having the right platform to engage with your customers. RelyCircle is one such social selling platform that can automate your process of connecting to your customers and them connecting you with their connections who may need the same service or product you sell.

How RelyCircle can help.

RelyCircle {} is the world’s first rewards based Social referral marketing network that gets businesses more customers by tracking & incentivizing successful referral sales. RelyCircle harnesses the power of positive word of mouth by rewarding your customers when their referrals on our social network turn into new sales for your business.

Unlike advertising platforms like Google and FB, RelyCircle is a free to use advertising platform that will help you gain more referrals sales; all without costing you a penny prior to you achieving sales. No more paying for Clicks or to distribute print Promotions/Coupons.

Click here to view business owner presentations. Contact us to register on RelyCircle.



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