59% of customers choose an auto dealership based on reputation.Reputation is built when your satisfied customers help spread the word.

Word of mouth referrals are among the most important ways that Auto dealers gain reputation and new customers. And with the power of social media to connect people, word of mouth referrals have the potential to work at a scale much larger than ever before.The problem is that until now, nobody has figured out how to make this enormous potential work for small businesses.

RelyCircle {https://relycircle.biz/} is the first social media community specifically designed to drive traffic and revenue to small businesses , and reward the customers who help make that happen.This unique referral system makes RelyCircle the only platform to offer a zero up-front cost marketing system for small businesses.

Click here to review a short presentation on how your dealership can leverage the power of your customer recommendations and increase sales; with Zero upfront costs.



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